citation reference list

Pluralsite (2014) What Every Great Facial Rig Should Have Available at: (Accessed: 01/12/2019). Surname, Initial. (2012) Building A Complete Human Facial Rig In Maya, Part 1. Available at:–cg-16343 (Accessed: 01/12/2019). antCGI (2019) Face Rigging in Maya – Part 1. 08 January. Available at: (Accessed: 01/12/2019). James Taylor (2017) Title of film or programme. 21 February. AvailableContinue reading “citation reference list”

Collecting resources

to continue with my research i need to collect some resources for this, primarily i need to find a usable face model to rig. bellow i will list links to resources i have found and might use one of the resources i found was a collection of files and tutorial videos going throughContinue reading “Collecting resources”

The types of facial rigging

through my first batch of research i was able to find a website post by paul neale that went over the different types of facial rigging (specifically this one []”Taylor (2017)”), so skimming though this i can see their are 4 main types of facial rigging mentioned, those being; Absolute targets, Bone based, Blended targets,Continue reading “The types of facial rigging”

First round of facial rigging research (need to citation stuff)

in this post i will post a bunch of links to tutorials and other sites with information on facial rigging–cg-16343 Maya Face Rigging Basics – a Maya 2017 Character Setup Tutorial Facial Rigging Methods

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