practical process: part 5

i finished the nodes for the cheeks, mouth and eyes and decided to mess around with the rig to see what it looked like, (noticed a few problems like the eyes being too far forward, which i will fix very shortly), i have also decided to not implement a lot of the other node based facial movements as a lot of them don’t seem necessary to implement and i wasn’t to get to creating my own rig without a tutorial as soon as possible.

after watching the last part of tutorial i have decided to start on the second head (as the last part was going over aspects like blend nodes and the sticky lips so it isn’t needed at the moment) so i have located a new head to use

i decided to use this head as it wasn’t too high or low poly, included its own eyes and had separate lips (as in there isn’t polygons connecting the lips together), allowing for me to create blend shapes easily.

i have added controls for the eye position and the main head rotation (probably isnt needed because of the lack of neck but i can use it for a group root for the locators

i created what i need for a ui and added mouth and chin controls to the head rig for later use (i had to link the ui controls to a plane because i don’t know how to make a nurb -square into a single object.

i started working on the bone structure for the head and added the bones for a full eyebrow

i finished the bone structure for the head and fixed some problems i noticed on the ui (no cheek controls and to many eye controls)

i created all the blend shapes i would use and in the process noticed that this head isn’t very well suited to being rigged as there isn’t any eyelids and the area being used for the eyelids is connected at the back so the “eyelids” clip through the eyeballs.

i have now created the left and right blend shape generators for the head, and from those i have created all the blend shapes for the left and right side of the face, and connected said blendshapes to the main head.

i have also now bound the joints to the mesh (although very crudely) and will smooth out the binding once the joints are bound to the ui

i have place locators at all the major bone locations for when thay are added to the ui

i have now also attached all the locators to their respective joints and connected the eyeballs to their eye ui so that they can now be aimed

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