practical process: part 6

i have now connected the locators on the face to the ui

i had made a mistake as i had parented the locators to the UI, making it so that the face cant rotate, so i had to disconnect them and reconnect them by using the connection editor

i had forgotten to ad a specific bone to be used for the jaw, so i have added that and rigged the UI’s translate information to the bones rotate.

i have now connected the main mouth and eye blendshapes to the ui, leaveing only the Oo blendshape to be connected

i have now connected the oo sound blend shapes to the UI (it was a lot easier than i thought it would be , i thought i would have to do multi input condition nodes or learn blend nodes to do it, but all it took were single input blend nodes

as i have now got as far as (technically further than) the previous head attempt i do not know how else to improve this other than fixing the skinning and maybe giving it ear controls but the second of those doesn’t seem that useful, and the first doesn’t seem like it needs to be mentioned again for a 3rd time. so i think i have successfully learned how to rig a face (and from that i have learned about; blend shapes, standard rigging, paint weights, the node editor, the connection editor, and translation limiters in maya).

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